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Casa Palmeira, Parque da Floresta, Algarve, Portugal
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Covid 19

Casa Palmeira, Algarve, Portugal

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Covid 19

Dear Guests,
We hope this newsletter finds you all well and safe. We felt it was time to offer an update on the situation in Portugal and maybe answer any queries you may have.
Contrary to media reports, things are still strict there with a lot of sanitization taking place and Social Distancing is of utmost importance. Thanks to the enormous effort of front line key workers and also the sensible behaviour of everyone that lives there, it would seem that Portugal is now able to open up for business and we and our managers are preparing for the summer season albeit less busy than last year.
Some of you may be wondering if you will be welcome, and the answer to that is, absolutely! Portugal relies heavily on its tourism trade especially in the Algarve, therefore of course all nationalities are welcome as long as people follow the rules and behave accordingly.
In order to ensure everyones safety and wellbeing we have highlighted a few guidelines and info on what the Portuguese government has implemented and what to expect when you arrive in Portugal.
A facemask is mandatory on arrival at the airport. I am sure you will have had to wear one on the plane also, therefore it would be advisable, to just keep it on throughout the airport until outside after baggage reclaim. Masks are also mandatory in all inside spaces for the time being, so ensure that you have several spares.
If you need them, our Managers office is currently open between the hours of 10.00 and 13.00, but please only visit if it is an absolute necessity, and again a face mask is mandatory, gloves are available at the entrance or hands MUST be sanitized on arrival. Please remain at a safe distance of 2metres from all the staff. Contact details as usual:-
Samantha Felisberto (351) 911820275
Email S.A.M.Algarve@gmail.com,
and her assistant
Maria Christino (351) 910363293

Their expert team of cleaners will have prepared the villa with due care and attention and where possible it will have been prepared at least 24hours before your arrival, reinforcing measures regarding cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces and furnishings and then being left for 24hrs with no human contact before your arrival.
If cleaning is required during your stay, then we will prearrange a time and day to make sure that the property is empty to ensure the safety of not only our team of cleaners but also yourselves.
Your pool will be cleaned and correctly dosed with chemicals for your arrival, it will be checked twice weekly, however please ensure that the pool is treated with care to enhance the chemical treatment to work to its utmost efficiency. For example, do not allow children to urinate in the water, shower before entering the pool, try not to use oil as suncream, and keep the cover off the pool during the daytime. Placing the cover on at night will help preserve the heat and its cleanliness.
Take time to think about the small things, for example, your trips to the bin drop, always wear gloves or sanitize hands before touching anything else, including your face or hair.
Supermarkets are open with usual times although they are limiting numbers in the store at one time, so be prepared to wait (and possibly outside in the hot sun, therefore take sunscreen and a hat). There is absolutely no shortage of normal products in the supermarkets therefore no need to panic buy unless its to stock up on wine of course.
Restaurants have re-opened although they are not working at their full capacity in order to allow a safe distance between diners. Should you wish to visit your favourite restaurant it is advisable to think about booking well in advance, maybe even before you arrive. They are requesting that face masks are used upon entering, but they may be removed after being seated.
At the time of sending this, large gatherings are still not permitted unless the gatherings are members of your household or family that have travelled with you on holiday. Should you wish to have dinner with other people, it is permitted of groups of up to 10 people only.
For all you beach lovers  you are still able to enjoy a day out however it is advised a 1.5 meter distance between people not of the same group , and there will be a traffic light system on selected beaches informing when capacity has been reached. A safe distance of 3 metres between parasols is required.

Certain water sports may not be available and for those that are, spaces will be limited, so again booking well in advance would be advisable. Beach bars have re-opened, again with lower capacity, so in our opinion, its advisable to take a picnic where possible.
Theme parks such as Zoomarine and Slide and Splash (other water parks are available!) are due to open from July, and we are just waiting for confirmation of actual dates and what capacity will be like, but the government regulations which will be imposed. Again, pre-booking will be essential.
For your own safety, if you or any member of your family or party experience Covid-19 like symptoms whilst holidaying with us we kindly ask that you follow the guidelines below. Please isolate the person in question and inform our managers or call the number located below, avoid taking the person with symptoms to the GP, Health Centre or Hospital unless otherwise informed to do so by a medical professional. The closest Covid test centre is situated in the Naus school carpark near to the Lagos Marina, however, you cannot just turn up there, you must be referred by a medical assistant.
We hope that you will enjoy your holiday and that using these guidelines, you will stay safe and healthy and able to enjoy your stay.
We will try to answer any queries you have so please do not hesitate in contacting us.
Chris & Margo

Coronavirus covid-19
Main symptoms
The main symptoms of coronavirus are:
high temperature  this means you feel hot to touch on your chest or back (you do not need to measure your temperature)
new, continuous cough  this means coughing a lot for more than an hour, or 3 or more coughing episodes in 24 hours (if you usually have a cough, it may be worse than usual)
loss or change to your sense of smell or taste  this means you have noticed you cannot smell or taste anything, or things smell or taste different to normal.

Please call the SNS call line on 808 24 24 24 or the local health centre for medical advice.
Lagos Health Centre:- 00351 282 780 000
Private Hospital, Sao Goncalo:- 00351 282 790 700

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